bmarchiver -- an archiving program for BeyondMail

This is the home page for the bmarchiver project, which is working to provide a way to export mail from BeyondMail into a usable archive. The current version takes BeyondMail export files and creates a set of message files, attachment files, and html indexes for those files. It is possible that additional work may be done to allow the program to create other output formats in the future, but there is no assurance this will occur.

As there is currently only one developer, and one source file, there is no CVS tree at this time.

To see the documentation page, go here.

The SourceForge project page for bmarchiver, which includes the download link for the released files, is here

BeyondMail used to be a trademark of Banyan Systems, I presume it is now a trademark of ePresence.

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last modified March 24, 2001